Why spruce?

Spruce exists because I want others to spend time doing what they love. Forget stressing and worrying about chores, spring cleaning, and overhauling the closet - we all have other things we want to be doing. But in order to get to those other things, we need to clear the clutter around us. 

Think of how much time you spend every day on:

  • picking out something to wear
  • looking for a specific cooking utensil
  • hunting for holiday decorations
  • contorting into uncomfortable positions to reach to the way back under the kitchen sink 
  • sorting through your personal filing (bank statements, work papers, and where did you put your passport again?)

These are just a few ways that we waste time. Now think if you had a more organized, streamlined system. I know that sounds silly when talking about the clothes hanging in your closet or where you store your cookware, but these are each their own microcosm in our homes that drive us mad when we can't find what we need.

When we have a system in place for our things, we can spend our time how we choose. I'm here to help you create more time and space for yourself.