Project 333

Happy New Year! My new year's resolution is to live with a smaller closet, or, to be more precise, with less things in my closet.

I've been contemplating the Project 333 challenge for a while now and feel like this is the perfect time to try it out. It's a minimalist fashion challenge where you pare down your wardrobe to about 33 items for a 3 month period. Basically, you are creating a wardrobe each season. Whatever isn't part of your current capsule wardrobe should be boxed up until the next season and you do a refresh, sticking to a new set of 33 items for the next 3 months.

I spent time earlier this summer and fall sorting and purging items from my closet. I'm still finding things here and there that I'm not wearing so I throw it into my donate pile. My wardrobe is considerably smaller but it still feels like there is a lot in there and still looks somewhat crowded. The 80/20 rule is at play here - 80% of the time, I'm wearing 20% of my wardrobe. So, some of the items I've held onto since the last closet clean-out still haven't made the cut, it's just more apparent to me which items those are since my wardrobe is smaller.

I spent New Year's Day doing fun things like running, doing the polar bear plunge, and visiting with friends - it was such a wonderful way to start the new year. Now that I'm gearing up for going back to work, I'm getting excited to create a capsule wardrobe and open up space in my closet. Pictures to come!