Transformation Tuesday #30: Kid's Room

I was thrilled when a dear friend asked for my help in tidying up her son's room. She was in nesting mode as she got ready for the arrival of her second child and this was a space that hadn't gotten much attention, especially as new baby supplies started coming back into the house. She is someone who always has it together, pays attention to all the little details, and has a knack for making things beautiful.

I wasn't sure at first how much help I could offer but realized that sometimes we just need a friend to help us out so that a project is a little less overwhelming. Her partner and their son were out of the house for the morning so we could organize baby clothes, diapers, and supplies without distraction. We were able to clear out a large box of items to donate which made it easier to reorganize the closet. 


Let's pause for a moment to admire how adorable this room is, clutter and all. I love the lightness and calm in this room and the fun pops of color. When a room or space seems really simple and easy to work through, those are usually the trickiest. On the surface, this looks like a simple kid's room to clear out a few things but there were all these little pieces of the puzzle scattered throughout. There were baby clothes from different stages that needed to be sorted through for Keep, Store for Future, and Donate, toys, diapers, supplies for newborn and toddler ... so actually, quite a few things to sift through and make decisions on what to do with them. All totally normal stuff you would find in a child's room or nursery but it adds up (especially all those tiny articles of clothing ...) and can be overwhelming just to THINK about going through on your own.

I love the final result of giving this room a little TLC - everything has a home again and it looks so inviting and lovely!