Transformation Tuesday #26: Hall Closet

Earlier this summer, I decided to paint my hall closet since I was between organizing projects. When I moved into my home back in 2007, the walls were a pale yellow. I repainted them a few years ago when the boyfriend and I put in bamboo floors, to give our home a new look and feel.

While it's just a small hall closet, this was a space that I have to walk by and see everyday (it also serves as the kitty litter closet because ... small spaces). These spaces sometimes need the most TLC because I had to snap a picture and admire the emptiness for a moment.

It took a couple hours to prep, prime, paint, and put back together one afternoon. The walls are Parker Paint's Tilting, a beautiful blue-tone gray. I also picked up a few of these handy shelf dividers to keep items from toppling over.


I love that the closet now "matches" the rest of the house and even put up a fun cat tapestry on the wall.