Transformation Tuesday #32: Flying Lessons

I interviewed the spunky Kelly Rodenhouse last month and she talked about making millimeter adjustments to stay on course with her goals, similar to what pilots do when they're flying. Those words stuck with me and reminded me to revisit some previous organizing projects - specifically, the bathroom. 

It's one of the places in the home that probably doesn't get enough attention yet we use the space everyday whether it's frantically brushing our teeth before running out of the house or taking a long soak in the tub. I realized that even though I had organized under the sink before, things kept shifting around and weren't "just right."

Simplifying is truly a process, not a finish line. It's about creating habits or rituals that work for us, editing things along the way, and constantly adjusting for what we need right now. I'm getting better at reminding myself of this, especially when life gets busy and my stuff gets a little out of control.

I made my own millimeter adjustments and it's made a huge difference with my morning routine. Before, things would get caught on the drawer liner (which wasn't really doing its job) and the drawer wouldn't close. Shaving cream, epsom salts, lint rollers would topple over whenever I opened the cupboard. Less than 20 minutes later, I switched out some of the containers in the drawer, removed the drawer liner, and rearranged the items. In the cupboard, I moved extra rolls of bath tissue to the hall closet and swapped some containers for the extra flossers, cotton pads, and travel toiletries.

What small adjustments have you made in your home to make the space flow better?