Transformation Tuesday #33: The Pesky Sock Drawer

Every one of us has experienced socks going to that black hole, the abyss, whatever you want to call it. So how do we organize, better yet, TAME, that pesky drawer?

I recently learned two great tips:

  1. Completely empty the drawer - you WILL remove items so it will automatically be cleaner than when you started (unlike digging a hole and filling it back up with dirt, you always end up with more dirt)
  2. Set aside the unmatched socks in a small bin, box or bag near your dresser - you choose for how long (I recommend a week or two). As you wash your laundry, match up the missing socks. Whatever is left, time to toss (better yet, recycle it by donating to your local thrift store).

This took no time at all and I made a small tweak to the drawer by shifting the cardboard box holding the socks so it was horizontal. I don't have to dig toward the back to reach the thicker socks now and the drawer closes easily now! I call that success ... take a look below on how ten minutes can transform a drawer.


What tips or tricks work for controlling the chaos of your sock drawer (or junk drawer)?