Transformation Tuesday #37: Lighter Living Area

I had the pleasure of working with my massage therapist earlier this year on organizing her living room. During a much-needed deep tissue massage, I had mentioned that I stumbled upon the KonMari book and loaned her my copy. The next time I saw her, she had done a thorough sweep of her home but still didn't feel like everything was in quite the right place.

I was excited to see her home because she, like me, loves tidying up and enjoying the lightness of a space - it makes the day to day activities easier and chill time more enjoyable because there isn't clutter to climb over. Aside from being a massage therapist, she also practices Reiki and has been taking classes in herbal medicine and wildcrafting (her home smells delightful!).

Her work is focused on helping her clients experience immediate physical relief. When she gets home, it's so important for her to have a space where she can relax after a physically taxing day.

Her charming apartment was already in pretty good shape, we just gave it some extra TLC by working through a few piles of miscellaneous items that hadn't found a home yet and rearranged the furniture to open up the space. This allowed for a more open area for morning yoga without having to shove a chair or ottoman to a corner.

The living room looks and feels lighter! She described the space as feeling "purified and clear" which is exactly what I aim for when I work with others in their homes.

What can you do to "lighten" up your living space? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below!