How to Spruce Small

I like to think of this product offering as the starter kit to taking back space in your home. We all have a place, a shelf, or a closet in our homes where we house our collections. Starting with a collection can be a great way to get your space back quickly and build the confidence to tackling a larger project. 

Here are a few ways I've put Spruce Small into action:

  • In the new year I completed my first capsule wardrobe which which was an extreme version of a closet clean out. This helped me better define my style and in turn, I don't feel compelled to shop as much as I used to.
  • I wrote about helping a friend who had already gone through her closet but needed help working through the tricky aspirational clutter. Even tidy folk need a hand once in awhile and I'm able to offer an outside perspective to help them complete their project.
  • I've spent the last couple years editing the bakeware in my cupboards because I'm an avid baker and over the years have been picking up all kinds of frosting tips, cake pans, cookie cutters, food dyes, you name it! Oftentimes, I would buy an item that I would use for one specific baking project and wouldn't use it again. I laid out all my baking paraphernalia and sorted them into categories like pans, baking sheets, storage, decor. This allowed me to see everything from the frequently used to the novelty items. It was easy to identify what hadn't been used in a while and so the donation pile began. 

What are some of the small lingering projects or nooks and crannies of your home that need some sprucing?