Ready to Spruce a Space?

I like to offer this option to clients who have a couple problem areas in their home and need assistance prioritizing which space to work on first. We focus on a specific space in the home such as a bedroom, living room, garage, or kitchen. Once we have decided on which items to keep in that space, we find the right home for them and organize from there. This includes moving things to places that make sense for how they work/live in that space (i.e. keeping frequently used items visible and in reachable spots).

If they have their bedroom and closet under control, it's typically a home office or main living space that becomes the general dumping zone/magnet for all things that don't have a defined home. While it can feel overwhelming when deciding where to begin, I ask lots of questions about their goal for their home, how often they use certain items, what a typical day looks like for them. This allows for us to plan together and break the project into smaller, more manageable chunks.