Transformation Tuesday #5: Where It All Began

Many people asked me why I started organizing. I didn't truly embrace it until this summer where I had to make a decision about having a better attitude about cleaning my house (I hate having dreaded chores or nagging tasks). I was tired of it being a chore so I started thinking about all the benefits of a tidy home and just felt better when it became my decision to enjoy it. Then it turned into a challenge of "can I really KonMari my household?" because I didn't think I owned as much stuff as I did.

I share 740 square feet with my boyfriend and two cats. My home has a fairly open layout so it feels like a bigger space. Somehow I had crammed all this into my side of the bedroom closet! Eight shopping bags full of clothes, home goods, and 15 pounds of shredding later, I felt so much lighter. I was able to see more space - space that I didn't want to fill with more stuff. 

Looking back at this picture reminds me of where I started and how far I've come.