Transformation Tuesday #6: Aspirational Clutter

I admitted a while back that one of my personal organizing challenges was my own aspirational clutter - my bicycle. It's been sitting in the garage and collecting a thick layer of dust for several years. 

My sister invited me to ride with her and her coworkers for Friday's Bike to Work Day since this is the first year I don't have an office to bike to (not that I ever biked on Bike to Work Day ...). I asked a friend who's also a bike enthusiast to take a look at my Marin before getting back in the saddle.

I'm excited to say that I made it out and was able to keep up with the sis and her crew. I logged about 11 miles - not too shabby! Once I was out there, I realized how much fun I was having. It was a needed reminder that it's usually the anticipation that I've built up in my head that limits me, not the activity or work itself once I've started. 

Me + Sis