Transformation Tuesday #7: Under the Sink

I have been organizing and reorganizing underneath my bathroom sink for the last couple months because I was tired of knocking over bottles of sunscreen and spilling Epsom salt in the way back. Don't let this part of your home turn into a version of It Came From Beneath the Sink (Goosebumps, anybody?).

My under-the-sink storage rack conveniently fits into the grooves of the plastic drawers so I was able to elevate the rack to create more vertical storage. 

A few quick tips to spruce up under the sink:

  1. Remove everything and discard expired items
  2. Wipe down inside of kitchen cabinet and any storage containers
  3. Group like items together (such as lotion/suncare/skincare in one container, first aid in another, etc)
  4. Label containers so it's easy to find things at a glance