Transformation Tuesday #9: Kitchen Sink Clean-Up

In my quest for a more organized home, I decided to focus on the space below my kitchen sink. I wasn't maximizing the space here and wanted to try a frequently used Pinterest tip of using a tension rod to hang spray bottles.

Pro tip: not any tension rod will do. It is worth every penny to go to your local Bed Bath & Beyond to purchase the In-Tension rod over the cheapie $5.99 curtain rod that promptly fell after I placed two spray bottles on it. With a sturdier tension rod, I was able to hang all four spray bottles, opening up valuable floor space.


This clean-out took less than 30 minutes from emptying out the space, wiping it down, then placing items back in. Now I don't have to reach to the way back and have a better visual of what I need to stock up on.

What are your favorite under-the-sink tidying tips? Share in the comments below!