Transformation Tuesday #10: Garage Spring Cleaning

Do you feel like your garage, or any space in your home for that matter, has gotten out of control? When we start to let the clutter spiral out of control, we feel embarrassed at how it got to this point and overwhelmed at the idea of trying to come up with a game plan to clear it out.

I love organizing these problem areas because once a client sees the transformation, it feels more manageable for them to maintain the space. We're often too hard on ourselves about what we can accomplish in our free time between house repairs, chores, caring for kids and pets, getting to the gym, spending time with friends ... it becomes a long to-do list. 

A client of mind had a spare bedroom that needed attention and wanted some help with the garage. She and her husband moved into a beautiful home and then had their first child ... think of all the housewarming and new baby gifts people were sending to them. The boxes start to pile up and it's hard to visualize the garage as anything other than a storage or dumping zone.

I spent a morning working on the bedroom (stay tuned for pictures on that one!) and then focused my efforts in the garage on simply clearing out all the boxes to open up space. It made a huge difference! You can see how much space has opened up just from clearing out the unnecessary stuff.