Transformation Tuesday #8: Bedroom Closet Overhaul

A dear friend of mine let me come over to do a serious overhaul of her bedroom closet. We emptied the entire closet and got to work sorting through outerwear, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, shoes, and loungewear. 

While overwhelmed at first by the volume of clothes she had been able to stuff into her closet, she quickly made decisions about what to keep, repair, and donate. By the end of our organizing efforts, we eliminated exactly 30% of her clothes! The majority of the purge were shoes followed by outerwear then purses. 

Finding a new home for each item was so much easier now that there was all this extra space. We were able to consolidate the majority of her wardrobe (save for tees and athletic wear) and all of her shoes to the closet. 

She was so thrilled with the transformation that she started working on her storage unit. When you tackle one project at a time, you can build the confidence and momentum to conquer the bigger spaces that require more time and attention.