Transformation Tuesday #13: Fridge Refresh

I recently started the  Whole 30 to help curb some cravings and develop healthier eating habits. This meant I needed to organize the fridge, a nagging task that I just didn't want to do.

Following up on a past blog post about tackling small projects, I approached this organization project with a different mindset - to start with something super basic that I could build on when I had more time. No matter what, I was going to end up with a better looking fridge!

Easy steps for a quick fridge refresh:

  1. Purge any old/suspect-looking leftovers (your stomach will thank you)
  2. Toss anything expired (condiments always seem to be the worst offender, and that carton of milk!)
  3. Organize by like items 
    • Produce in the crisper - I put veggies in one and fruit in the other
    • Group condiments together - separated by sweet and savory
    • Leftovers got their own shelf front and center as a reminder to incorporate them into upcoming meals
  4. Wipe down any visible spills/stains

I set a timer and spent only ten minutes on this! Next time, I will do a deeper cleaning where I'll remove the drawers and shelves to wash with warm, soapy water. But for now, this did the trick and now I can see easily what's available now that I'm cooking more!