Transformation Tuesday #18: Kitchen Series, Part 2

Kitchen organizing is BACK! Mostly because this area, like the garage, gets a lot of regular use. Even if you aren't using the things in your garage often, most people are parking in there everyday and reaching for extra paper towels, garbage bags, and whatever else they can't fit in their pantry.

This was a fun kitchen to work on because there was a lot of cupboard space (more often than not, I'm working with clients who have extremely limited storage) and it was just a matter of understanding how this client and her husband cook, what they typically reach for, and grouping like things together.



Organizing this kitchen also gave us an opportunity to wipe down inside kitchen cupboards (there's nothing like reaching into the cabinet and realizing there's a puddle of molasses). We worked for about three hours to transform this space. Most of the heavy lifting was shifting small appliances and heavier dishes around.

My favorite part of this project was finding the Sonics apron and the fact that Prince George decided to hang out the whole time and then fully sprawl out in a newly spruced kitchen!