Transformation Tuesday #19: Kitchen Series, Part 3

It's been a year since my big organizing overhaul and I thought I would revisit my own kitchen transformation. I love to bake and had accumulated a lot of specialty cake pans and accessories. I started editing my collection a few years ago because there were some items I knew I just wasn't going to use. When it came time to start reviewing this space, I honestly didn't think it was that bad but looking back, I can see why I didn't enjoy cooking as much - I couldn't access things easily and spices would topple over onto each other.

As I mentioned in a past kitchen refresh, I highly recommend spending some extra time wiping down the inside of the cupboards and the cabinet doors. With all the baking and cake batter splattering about, Magic Eraser is a handy product to have on hand. You get the look of a sparkling kitchen without having to work too hard!

Simple as it is, this little Ikea cart is my favorite part of the kitchen. I'm able to add extra storage that's cute and functional. I turned the cart around so that it wasn't crowding the picture on the wall and rearranged a few things on the cart itself. My key baking items like sugar, flour, and olive oil are on top, with dry goods like pasta and oatmeal on the middle shelf, and my little Kitchen Aid food processor on the bottom so I can reach it easily.


Making these small changes of shifting the cart and regrouping where things lived on the cart was an impactful transformation for me. While it may not look like a big difference, I noticed when I reached for the flour or had to grab the food processor. I'm all about making things easier and intuitive (don't get too organized where you aren't able to find things after you're done ... happens to the best of us!). Here's a quick rundown on how to approach your own review of your kitchen:

  • Think about the items you use daily, weekly, and occasionally. This will help guide you on where to store things.
  • Evaluate the number items you have of something (do you need eight water bottles or will two work just fine?) and get ready to edit that down.
  • Arrange your pantry or food items so that you can easily see what you have, which helps prevent overbuying.

When was the last time you gave your kitchen a little TLC? Try out the tips above and let me know how it goes!