Transformation Tuesday #20: Travel Revisited

Earlier this year I wrote about minimalist travel when I visited Tokyo. I feel even more organized since that trip so packing was a breeze this time around. I'm headed out to visit my sister who has been WWOOFing in France this summer.

It's pretty warm in the areas we plan to visit so I was able to grab mostly from my summer capsule wardrobe, plus a couple items that made sense for this trip. My boyfriend found these great packing envelopes a few trips back which are a huge space saver (plus they help keep items from getting too wrinkly. 

I still have quite a bit of space as the zippered pouches aren't full ... this is a good thing because my sister is sending a few things back with me like her work boots and who knows what else. Plus I need to save room for macaroons. LOTS of macaroons.


About a year ago, I picked up that handy little Topo Designs convertible tote-turned-backpack. I have used it as my purse all spring and summer because it holds SO much and conveniently has a nice little laptop sleeve.

I feel like I still had to exercise restraint with packing because i always ask the "what if" questions (what if we go swimming, what if we go to a nice dinner). I didn't want to pack too many shoes because 1) my sister would make fun of me and 2) I'm only gone for a week so three pair will be plenty (walking sandals, Nikes, Keds).

I'll report back when I return on how well I actually did with my packing selection .... au revoir!