Transformation Tuesday #17: Kitchen Series

Kitchen organization has become a recurring theme for me this summer! This week's transformation is brought to you by an awesome cook and spice connoisseur. She loves cooking but the layout of her kitchen is tricky to work in, especially when she's trying to cut up veggies, slow cook a roast, and have room to mix up her spices.

Pro tip: keep a bucket of warm, soapy water nearby so that you can wipe down every shelf as you clear out each space. You will be surprised about what spilled who knows how long ago. It is worth it to take a little bit of time to do this so that your kitchen will feel like brand new. A few times, broken pieces of star anise rained down on us from the top shelf so be sure to have a sturdy stepping stool so that you can see each shelf you are wiping down!



We transformed her kitchen in four hours. About half the work was consolidating spices and oils (do not buy any more soy sauce or paprika!) and the rest of the time was spent shuffling dishes and platters to a new cupboard. In the end, she ended up with an entirely empty cupboard that she can use as a catch-all space for cookbooks, recipe boxes, and any other items that were taking up precious counter space.

Every kitchen is different and while many of us do not have the resources to upgrade that space, cleaning out the pantry and sorting through dishes and utensils is a great way to give it a quick refresh. You will be able to find things easily and cooking will be so much more enjoyable!