Transformation Tuesday #24: the Bottomless Purse Pit

I recently switched purses because I'm attending more client meetings and felt like my backpack-tote, as awesome as it is, was a little too casual. I'm trying to show up a little more polished so I switched over to my Urban Expressions crossbody bag that I got from Stitch Fix last year - and staying a little more organized with all the stuff that ends up in my purse.

Just this morning, my messy purse cost me about 15 minutes. I usually put my Orca card in the same spot in my wallet but didn't see it there at first glance. I was flipping through my credit cards and checking every pocket to no avail. Not until I completely emptied everything out, I realized it was stuck between my insurance cards.

Somehow all of this fit into my bag ...



Since I'm obsessed with figuring out how much time it takes for me to do various tasks, I timed myself while I was working in a coffee shop, just how long it took to clear a few things out of my bag. Less than ten minutes! 9:46 to be exact. I cleared out random pieces of trash (Halls wrappers), recycled a few client receipts after inputting them into the Wave app, and recycled an old purse clip that broke that I have somehow been carrying around for several months.

When I incorporate small, mundane tasks with something more pleasurable (like enjoying my almond milk latte with a dash of honey), the task itself just feels easier. I'm not wasting time digging around for things and now I have a clean purse!