Transformation Tuesday: Furnishing a Home

October has flown by and I have loved every minute of it! I spent the majority of this month on an interesting, non-traditional project - furnishing a home entirely from scratch! As a professional organizer, I don't often shop (and encourage clients to use what they have at home as much as possible) and this was the ultimate shopping project.

I didn't guide decisions around clearing clutter or haul donations off to Goodwill; instead, I was researching what was needed to furnish a space with all the basic necessities, put my scheduling and logistics skills to work, and got to try my hand at some light interior design.

This project also gave me the opportunity to set up the pantry, closets, and general storage organization tools in place to make everything easy to find and streamlined.


I learned a lot during this project, namely that ordering furniture generally takes 2-4 weeks so it's best to shop local and find products in store to schedule a preferred delivery date. I added white glove service for assembly/removal of any packaging for the items. I also realized that the lists I created are super helpful if you are moving into a space after high school/college, divvying up items with a roommate when you plan to move other places, or are setting up an Airbnb with all the basics to create a comfortable space for guests.

This was fun for me to see the transformation from a clear space to having some nice pieces to create a comfortable living room. Over time, they'll be able to collect art, add pictures to the walls, etc.

I hope to find more projects like this because it tested my problem-solving skills while allowing me to get creative in different ways from my usual projects.