Transformation Tuesday #46: the Craft Box

I love transformations, big and small, and the craft box, or "stash" as my friend explains here, is no exception!

Last month, I decided to remove the gift wrap/craft storage that hung over the door of my hall closet, mainly because the hook was starting to bend which meant I had too much stuff. I consolidated ribbon, a couple gift bags, and all the art supplies into whatever box I had around the house. This sat on my bedroom floor for about a month (yikes!) until I found the right storage solution.

I decided to treat myself to a trip to Storables and found the large Cascade bin in gray - I wanted something pretty and sturdy. I also needed an odd size in order to fit my practice calligraphy pad and this was one of the few options out there.


Seeing all my supplies in a nicer bin makes me so happy and it was such a quick fix. What kind of tiny transformations have you made around your home? Let me know in the comments!