Transformation Tuesday #63: Entry Way Closet

As a Seattle-area professional organizer, I love getting to travel to client homes, meet new people, and learn about what their organizing challenges are. I recently got the opportunity to work with Julie - she has a gorgeous home with some space limitations.

She and her family are very creative and have found ways to modify and make things work, but she wanted some extra help to get the entry way space more functional. She had already done some purging around the house and this space was deemed "the black hole" - I think we all can relate! I have a desk as an entry way table with a mail sorter, sunglasses holder, and small cabinet underneath. I know all about how these spaces can attract clutter.

We used the living room as our staging/reviewing space to see what was in the closet. We had the typical coats, hats, and scarves along with a tool box, vacuum, gift wrap, and some other miscellaneous items. I think its this last group that we all really struggle with because it's a random thing that usually doesn't have a designated home so it winds up in whatever dumping zone (hall closet, garage, etc).

After sorting through, we were able to clear out some pretty big items like extra backpacks and even a vacuum! With some extra breathing room in this space, her family can grab what they need with ease.


Check out the floor space - now visible - in the "after" photo!