The Blog is Back!

Hi there! It's been too long ... four months and twenty-seven days to be exact. 

Now that I look back at my last post, The Mins Game Round Up, it feels like auspicious timing because I'm playing it again, this time with a friend and fellow organizer. More about that later.

I was posting pretty regularly last year, mostly space transformations, and felt like it was ok to dial it down once I hit the 50th post or so. I notice that when I get into these routines, I don't like to stray from them too much, even if it becomes more of a chore.

Once I did take a break from blogging, it was hard to make time for it again, especially when I was so busy in my work - projects, new consults, meeting referrals. This year has been incredibly busy in the best possible way. I'm discovering what kind of schedule I like for my project work (the sprucing), admin tasks (tracking receipts and mileage, email), and marketing (monthly business coaching, networking events/groups). I've been working with some amazing people on a variety of interesting projects and somehow the first half of the year has gone by in the blink of an eye.

I have a running list of all these great blog ideas from emergency preparedness to do's to identifying possession obsession to how we're addicted to busyness and being productive. If I schedule time on my calendar, it's more likely to happen so I'm going to commit to a weekly post of some kind - some may be more in depth, others may be interviews or tidying tips.

This felt a little clunky trying to get out all these ideas but there's no better time like the present to just do the thing and get it done.

I'll be back next week and would love to hear from you on what you'd like to see on the blog. Let me know in the comments below!