Transformation Tuesday #52: A Year of Sprucing

I'm excited I have hit the one year mark of full-time organizing, decluttering, simplifying, and transformations! I honestly didn't know what would happen over that year. I continue to love this work more and more, if that's even possible. From blogging about organizing, to tracking business expenses, to the hands-on work with clients ... I am thrilled that I call this my job.

There are days when I question how I can sustain this. Where's my next project coming from? Am I setting the right expectations for my clients? Do I really know what I'm doing? While I will always have these nagging questions floating around my brain, seeing how I've impacted another person's life through simplifying their space is worth it and why I keep at it.

With that said, today isn't a fun before and after (don't worry, there are more to come!), but a round up of donations that have left the homes I've worked in this past year.


These pictures represent all the stuff donated to Goodwill, Interconnection, Seattle Recreative, and Second Use. What you don't see:

  • 46 trips to Goodwill
  • 2,687 miles traveled
  • 25 happy clients living lighter with less stuff

I'm excited to see what this next year holds for me and this little organizing business. Let me know what your favorite transformation has been or if there are certain spaces you'd like to see a before and after of!




Transformation Tuesday #15: Spare Bedroom

I mentioned a few Tuesdays back about a client who needed to spring clean their garage and show their spare bedroom some organizing TLC. 

Oftentimes when we have extra space, we tend to allow things to get out of control because it's so easy to close the door on the guest room, spare bedroom, office, etc. This particular client had enough and was ready to have some serious sprucing take place. 

Now that everything has a home in this room, it can truly be used as a guest room and also showcase some of the fun sports memorabilia that we were able to unpack. Getting this room organized also allowed us to shift some items out of their master closet that otherwise didn't have a home.