It Starts with Decluttering

Decluttering, paring down, editing, purging - it’s that first step to clearing away the excess so you can get to the actual organizing of a space.

You must declutter in order to open up room in your existing space. This is so critical to seeing the change in your home, especially if you are going through a bigger transition like selling your home or preparing it as a rental or Airbnb.

While it’s important to get all the open shelves and surfaces neat and free from stuff, you need to walk through each room, going through all cupboards, closets, and drawers. If these areas are stuffed to the brim, it’s harder for others to find supplies they may need in a rental scenario or for a potential homebuyer trying to visualize what their stuff will look like in the space.

Photo courtesy of Redfin

Photo courtesy of Redfin


Redfin has a handy list of where to start if you’re selling your home and they suggest starting with decluttering closets, cabinets, and drawers, “and then keeping only enough belongings in each to really show off the potential that space has to offer. Think of it as an extension of staging your home, but for your storage areas.” You can see their detailed list of 11 Things Most People Forget to Do.

These are also good tips to follow if you are preparing for a move or swapping out furniture in your home that has a different footprint than your current stuff. I’m meeting more and more people who aren’t able to move right now and want to seriously downsize their stuff, maintain less things, and clear out the excess. Once they are in a position to sell their home or find a new rental, it’s so much easier when they are managing and moving less stuff.

Speaking of less stuff, I’m off to do some Saturday editing and tidying in my own closet!

Transformation Tuesday #52: A Year of Sprucing

I'm excited I have hit the one year mark of full-time organizing, decluttering, simplifying, and transformations! I honestly didn't know what would happen over that year. I continue to love this work more and more, if that's even possible. From blogging about organizing, to tracking business expenses, to the hands-on work with clients ... I am thrilled that I call this my job.

There are days when I question how I can sustain this. Where's my next project coming from? Am I setting the right expectations for my clients? Do I really know what I'm doing? While I will always have these nagging questions floating around my brain, seeing how I've impacted another person's life through simplifying their space is worth it and why I keep at it.

With that said, today isn't a fun before and after (don't worry, there are more to come!), but a round up of donations that have left the homes I've worked in this past year.


These pictures represent all the stuff donated to Goodwill, Interconnection, Seattle Recreative, and Second Use. What you don't see:

  • 46 trips to Goodwill
  • 2,687 miles traveled
  • 25 happy clients living lighter with less stuff

I'm excited to see what this next year holds for me and this little organizing business. Let me know what your favorite transformation has been or if there are certain spaces you'd like to see a before and after of!




Transformation Tuesday #15: Spare Bedroom

I mentioned a few Tuesdays back about a client who needed to spring clean their garage and show their spare bedroom some organizing TLC. 

Oftentimes when we have extra space, we tend to allow things to get out of control because it's so easy to close the door on the guest room, spare bedroom, office, etc. This particular client had enough and was ready to have some serious sprucing take place. 

Now that everything has a home in this room, it can truly be used as a guest room and also showcase some of the fun sports memorabilia that we were able to unpack. Getting this room organized also allowed us to shift some items out of their master closet that otherwise didn't have a home.