Give the Gift of Hygge

As you may have noticed, I want to talk about all things hygge this week! I think it's a great reminder at the holidays, when things get chaotic, to focus on cozy, comforting experiences. 

I spent many years trying to do all the things, go to all the parties, buy all the right gifts. It was stressful. The last several years I have really come to enjoy spending more time with friends and family, focusing on experiences and activities versus things. Especially now that I'm organizing homes full-time, I'm hesitant to bring too many new things into my own (which is why I love consumables as gifts - I can always put treats, wine, coffee to good use!). 

Last week, I got together with my sister and our mutual friend (and also my amazing designer - she's helped me do some awesome work on this website and created beautiful print marketing). We had a holiday cocktail at the Rob Roy downtown which is super decked out right now, including a twerking Santa (though he was out of order when we were there). 

We had a great time and exchanged small gifts - all fun, whimsical, usable items which makes my heart soar (I love using things up, it's such a satisfying feeling). Vicki gifted us both these awesome hygge-centric goody bags which included:

  • sparkly hand-made ornament by a local artist
  • festive holiday socks 
  • vintage spruce scented candle
  • delicious chocolate/peppermint treat

All of these things are pretty to look at and functional, not to mention the candle and socks are top of the list for creating hygge.

What are some of your favorite gifts you've given or received that are ultimate "comfort" items? 


Take a Break by Tidying Up

When I feel stressed or I don't know where I want to start with the never-ending To Do List, I like to do a quick tidy-up in a corner of my home. This makes me feel more in control of what's around me and helps knock a chore off the list. If my space feels more "together," then I'm more likely to be open to visitors stopping by (which I'm trying to be better about as I mentioned in last night's post about hygge-ing and getting together with friends more this winter).

Nothing fancy here - just my entry way table that very quickly accumulates stuff. I can tell how busy I've been during the week by looking at this table! I keep my work bag underneath, purse on top, along with mail and other notes or To Do's that come up.

In less than ten minutes, I cleared the surface (except for my purse that lives there) by putting things away, filing things away, and recycling a few pieces of junk mail. It feels so much more organized!

I love using Lapse It to capture these quick chores because it shows that it really takes no time at all to get the space a little more manageable (plus fun cameo by Walt/his tail!).


Do you have an area of your home that makes tidying seem like a break from your work? What task do you like to tackle before you get started on a bigger project? 

Getting Cozy with The Little Book of Hygge

I borrowed The Little Book of Hygge from a friend as a way to motivate myself to be more "active" this winter by getting cozy, spending time with friends, and focusing on comfort. So often when the weather turns colder, I find myself hiding away at home, finding excuses to not go out. 

This winter I wanted to recommit to being more active like walks around the neighborhood with friends, making plans like crock pot dinner parties, basically finding ways to be comfy and still socialize with friends.

How do you hygge? What are you doing this winter to stay connected to friends and family, how do you take care of yourself/take breaks, and what are your best "get cozy" tips?

I'd love to hear in the comments below! Let me know if you've read the book or have it on your list - clicking on the image below helps support this blog so thank you!

I'll keep you posted with tips this week on how to stay organized so that you can get your hygge on this winter.