Transformation Tuesday #62: Garage Revamp

Tired of garages yet? Nope, neither am I! I had the pleasure of working with the owner of the mom cave again, and this time her husband joined our efforts in revamping and reworking their garage. We did a walk-through together to review the goals and focus on how we could divide up tasks for the big sprucing day.

They are an outdoorsy family with well-organized gear for hiking, backpacking, and the like. They want to better utilize the garage shelving for backstock of household items like paper goods, party supplies, gift wrap, etc along with a rotation of items for their children that are more seasonal or that they will grow into. 

We started with the kids' stuff and did the usual sort/purge, boxing items back up into plastic tubs. We moved these to a corner of the garage so we could keep the space open for our next round of sorting with household items. These didn't take up hardly any space at all on the shelves which is great to have a little bit of open space to add to/shift items around. We continued this process with the outdoor gear and the mom's work supplies (extension of mom cave items that are seasonal Montessori supplies and outdoor toys/games). 


Items from each main category were put back onto the same shelving unit so it would be easy for anyone walking into the garage to identify what's what (and of course, LABELS!). We filled up my car with donations and created a much more family-friendly space, where they can grab what they need and know exactly where to put it back. 

It was a super fun morning working with this couple. They were very excited to reclaim this space, making packing up the summer items and preparing for fall a little bit easier!