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Have things started piling up in your home? Let’s streamline your space so things are easy to find! I can help with: 

Closets: I will tame the unruly bedroom closet so we can highlight what you love about your wardrobe, making it easy to dress for the day and maintain long term.

Everything Else:  It’s time to tackle the garage or that kids’ playroom - I’ll edit, organize, and make this easy to maintain.


projects include




Kids’ Playroom

Home Office

Paper Management




How WE can help

Perform complimentary consult

Identify challenging areas

Develop action plan

Day of:

Clear everything out of the space

Clean the space - whether it's vacuuming, sweeping, or removing any items that don't belong

Sort like items into categories

Edit - go through each category and decide whether to keep or toss

Return everything back to the space


Why Spruce with rachel?

I love helping people take control of their space.

My unique background in human resources translates well to my work as a professional organizer. I collaborate with clients to understand their organizing challenges and find solutions that work for their lifestyle.

When we have a system in place for our things, we can spend our time how we choose. I'm here to help you create more time and space for yourself.


Half Day (4 hours): $375.00

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