Services: Small Business

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant “to do” list as a business owner or consultant? Let’s streamline your systems so you can focus on building your business.


projects include

Home Office

Commercial Office

Paper Management


How WE can help

Perform complimentary consult

Identify challenging areas

Develop action plan

Day of:

Clear everything out of the space

Clean the space - whether it's vacuuming, sweeping, or removing any items that don't belong

Sort like items into categories

Edit - go through each category and decide whether to keep or toss

Return everything back to the space


Why Spruce with rachel?

I love helping people take control of their space.

My unique background in human resources translates well to my work as a professional organizer. I collaborate with clients to understand their organizing challenges and find solutions that work for their lifestyle.

When we have a system in place for our things, we can spend our time how we choose. I'm here to help you create more time and space for yourself.


Half Day (4 hours): $375.00

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