How to Organize Your Closet in 5 Easy Steps

My organizing dreams have come true! I recently had an opportunity to film a closet clean out with a local life and style blogger, Angie Scheie, from Chasing My Halo.

I have seen so many videos that didn't quite capture all the steps I thought were necessary or there were organizers/bloggers/fashionistas that had more to say with not enough visuals. I wanted to create something that showed others how easy it can be to tackle an out-of-control closet. Thankfully, Angie was game to play along! Here's what we started with:


The day of filming, we did a real-time clean out following these five simple steps:

  1. Clear everything out of the closet
  2. Clean the closet - whether it's vacuuming, sweeping, or removing any items that don't belong
  3. Sort clothing into categories - tops, pants, skirts, dresses, scarves, shoes, etc
  4. Edit - go through each category and decide whether to keep, toss, or repair the item (shoes to be re-soled, taking pants to a tailor for hemming)
  5. Return everything back to the closet - pack away bulky or off-season items in tubs or bins, hang heavier items toward the back and lighter, flowy items (such as tanks or blouses) toward the front, and color-coordinate within each category from dark to light

I wasn't sure how much paring down we would end up doing because I was so focused on showing each step of the process. Angie was great to work with - she was open to parting with items that she didn't absolutely love. She also thought about items that she knew she would reach for in fall or winter so she didn't edit out too much to the point where she would end up re-buying those items in a few months (such as heavier sweaters and coats). I was impressed that she filled up an entire trash bag of items to donate!  

Angie had thoughtful questions about how she could work on maintaining her closet, especially when she's heading off to work or out to an event. I suggested designating a pretty hamper or floor bin to stow away the items she doesn't have time to put back immediately and to check on the bin once a week. Want more? You can  check out Angie's perspective HERE and join her Angel Squad to keep up with her life and style tips!

I am thrilled with how the video turned out! You can view it HERE and admire Parallax Video's incredible editing skills and the beautiful work by Contour and Blush who did our hair and makeup for the shoot. We'd love to hear from you on how you've approached your own closet clean out and what tips you have to share. Sound off in the comments below!