Transformation Tuesday #40: First Capsule of 2017!

I suppose this is more of an internal transformation with how I approach building my wardrobe and not as much a dramatic space/stuff transformation, oh well, so be it!

I started creating capsule wardrobes a year ago in an effort to remove some of the decision-making in my life. I followed the guidelines of Project 333 to a "T." Over time, I have found that following the rules in the beginning helps me establish routine (which brings some stability in an otherwise hectic schedule) and that discipline actually sparks creativity for me.

When I built my fall closet, I decided to break the "rules" because I had gotten the hang of this process and wanted to incorporate a few more pieces beyond the suggested 33. I also put my valet stand by Hungrack to good use. I didn't want to dump all my clothes on the bed since most of everything is hanging up in my closet (see: I like being efficient - why remove it from the hanger when it's going right back up?). I was able to use the rack to review all my coats, dresses, and flowy tops/cardigans easily. I could pick through pretty quickly, place items back in the closet and whittled my wardrobe down to 42 items. 

A year ago, I started with this process, with special (unplanned) cat cameos:


Now, I can easily grab most of what I'll use to build the capsule using the Hungrack!


Are you trying out a capsule closet this year? If so, what guidelines have you found to be the most helpful?