Sentimental Clutter

I decided to do a quick review of my sentimental clutter - pictures and small keepsakes I have tucked away in my closet. In my organizing mission, I was hoping I could consolidate a few more things to one box.

The bigger project initially was tackling my capsule wardrobe and in the midst of that, I decided I needed to take a look back at what I decided to keep last summer when I did my big KonMari sweep of all my things.

I'm so glad I went back and did this because it validated what I decided to keep and I came across a couple items that I thought were ready to be recycled. My treasures include some hilarious birthday cards, the medal from the full marathon I ran, and my all-time favorite - some pages from my baby book that had notes about what my older brother thought about me. Coming across this little gem has kept me chuckling the last few days. 


What's your favorite sentimental item that you are hanging onto? Let me know in the comments below!