Take a Break by Tidying Up

When I feel stressed or I don't know where I want to start with the never-ending To Do List, I like to do a quick tidy-up in a corner of my home. This makes me feel more in control of what's around me and helps knock a chore off the list. If my space feels more "together," then I'm more likely to be open to visitors stopping by (which I'm trying to be better about as I mentioned in last night's post about hygge-ing and getting together with friends more this winter).

Nothing fancy here - just my entry way table that very quickly accumulates stuff. I can tell how busy I've been during the week by looking at this table! I keep my work bag underneath, purse on top, along with mail and other notes or To Do's that come up.

In less than ten minutes, I cleared the surface (except for my purse that lives there) by putting things away, filing things away, and recycling a few pieces of junk mail. It feels so much more organized!

I love using Lapse It to capture these quick chores because it shows that it really takes no time at all to get the space a little more manageable (plus fun cameo by Walt/his tail!).


Do you have an area of your home that makes tidying seem like a break from your work? What task do you like to tackle before you get started on a bigger project? 

Transformation Tuesday #38: Kitchen Table Time Lapse

The kitchen table is one of the couple hubs in my home that attracts a lot of clutter. I live in a small space and don't have my own office or work space so the dining area serves as my desk, project area, and an extension of my counter space when baking or cooking. 

I had a few craft projects that required a space to spread out and sure enough, the table was covered in calligraphy supplies, pictures, photo albums, and who knows what else! It's so easy to gather everything up into a nice pile and simply relocate it to another room that I can shut the door on. This method works if you have someone dropping by unexpectedly or don't have a few extra minutes to spare. A better habit that will help you control the clutter is to actually put each item back in their home when tidying. 

Calligraphy supplies went back into the hall closet, planner to the entry way, laptop back in its carrying case, and pictures back into the album. Don't forget to do a quick wipe-down of the table (I spilled some of my ink ... whoops)! 


What does your kitchen table look like? Do you have any tidying tips to keep your table clutter-free? Share in the comments below!

Transformation Tuesday #34: Entry Way Quick Clean-Up

Many people have asked me how long it really takes to organize - the answer is different every time, depending on the project. When the clutter piles up, it can be hard to just get started. Like the garage, the entry way is a spot in your home that you might not pay much attention to but you have to go by it everyday. 

I can tell how busy my week is by looking at the entry way table, aka the dumping zone. Because this is in close proximity to my washer/dryer closet, clean laundry ends up on this table quite frequently (my way of forcing myself to take care of it rather than relocating it to the bedroom floor). If I don't have time to deal with mail, a bill, and other paperwork, little stacks start appearing.

I spent about 15 minutes organizing this time around. I brought the recycle bin so I could toss items immediately and had my filing box handy so that I would move paper off the table right then and there.

Not too shabby!