Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I'm a little late in posting about my summer capsule - between a recent trip and awaiting my Stitch Fix box, I had to schedule out time to organize and edit my closet!

I was really excited to build my summer wardrobe because I've been itching to wear some fun, colorful, prints and dresses now that the weather has warmed up.

My winter and spring wardrobes were filled with grey, navy, polka dots, and stripes while summer has brought coral, fuchsia, and green florals. I spent exactly one hour emptying my closet out onto my bed (though I didn't bother with the items that were clearly winter/fall) and editing my wardrobe down for summer.


I revisited a few items in my outbox, (bag, really) that had a few items sitting in there since January that I couldn't really make up my mind about. I decided to keep two dresses, toss a belted dress, navy shrug, and a pair of Vans. I've been wearing these all summer and realized they are a little too small plus pretty worn. I may replace them with another shoe if I can find a good summer deal. 



I also flexed a little on the Project 333 guidelines and allowed myself a few more items in my summer wardrobe because I really want to wear as many dresses as possible this summer so why not? Here's everything I decided to keep for summer - and it's Walt-approved!