It Starts with Decluttering

Decluttering, paring down, editing, purging - it’s that first step to clearing away the excess so you can get to the actual organizing of a space.

You must declutter in order to open up room in your existing space. This is so critical to seeing the change in your home, especially if you are going through a bigger transition like selling your home or preparing it as a rental or Airbnb.

While it’s important to get all the open shelves and surfaces neat and free from stuff, you need to walk through each room, going through all cupboards, closets, and drawers. If these areas are stuffed to the brim, it’s harder for others to find supplies they may need in a rental scenario or for a potential homebuyer trying to visualize what their stuff will look like in the space.

Photo courtesy of Redfin

Photo courtesy of Redfin


Redfin has a handy list of where to start if you’re selling your home and they suggest starting with decluttering closets, cabinets, and drawers, “and then keeping only enough belongings in each to really show off the potential that space has to offer. Think of it as an extension of staging your home, but for your storage areas.” You can see their detailed list of 11 Things Most People Forget to Do.

These are also good tips to follow if you are preparing for a move or swapping out furniture in your home that has a different footprint than your current stuff. I’m meeting more and more people who aren’t able to move right now and want to seriously downsize their stuff, maintain less things, and clear out the excess. Once they are in a position to sell their home or find a new rental, it’s so much easier when they are managing and moving less stuff.

Speaking of less stuff, I’m off to do some Saturday editing and tidying in my own closet!

Moving Made Easy!

This sounds too good to be true, right? Most moves involve pulling a hamstring, stubbing a toe, and a lot of anxiety while navigating the stairs with an armload of boxes. On a recent organizing adventure, I worked with a client on a micro move, shuffling their things from one apartment to another, just a few blocks from each other. They were able to move small items with their own vehicle but didn't want to deal with the big, bulky items like the king size bed, flat screen TVs, sofa, and kitchen table. 

My client didn't want to use U-Haul and recruit friends to help move these items down the long apartment hallways, through the freight elevator, and out to the truck. This was the perfect opportunity to try out Dolly, the Move Anything App. They offer a stress-free and affordable way to load, haul and deliver just about anything, whenever you need it. Request a pickup truck and Helper with a few short steps, then relax. Dolly keeps large items off the roof of your car, avoids the physical strain of lifting and helps make moving things easy and fast. 

After downloading the app, I got right to work taking pictures and measurements of the items to upload in the app. I scheduled my Dolly about two weeks in advance and requested an additional Helper so that we wouldn't have to lift a finger. The moment a Helper accepted my Dolly, he messaged me right away introducing himself. I was able to stay in contact with him directly which was super helpful because I needed to adjust the timing of the move slightly. 

The morning of the move, I got an alert that the Helper was en route and received a call when he arrived at the location. He and his assistant were great to work with - friendly, helpful, and efficient! They got the job done in a couple hours (see above, long apartment hallways, waiting for elevators ...) and it was SO worth it! While U-Haul starts at $19.95 + mileage, hiring two Helpers with their own truck ultimately saved us time and money (that we would have spent on paying friends in pizza and beer to help move everything).

Check this out the next time you need move (or are asked to help a friend move), need to do a donation or transfer station run, or pick something up off Craig's List. Save your Saturday and your nails! Download the Dolly app here